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Testimonials Guitar lessons - Queens NY

"John has done what no other guitar teacher has been able to, he has given me a 'formula' for breaking down the whole fret board into different components which enables me to take something learned in one position and use it anywhere on the fret board... I am extremely pleased with my lessons... I walk away from my lessons each week feeling like I learned something new and I am proud of my weekly progress. If you're looking for a guitar teacher who is skilled, patient and fun, and one who will not bore you with endless theory, then John is your man. " - Charisse A. (Queens Village, Queens NY)

"I find John to be a professional and reliable guitar teacher. Even though he has a full roster of students, I feel my guitar lessons are always personalized which let's me know that he's working towards my progress as much as I am. " - Rehan A. (Queens NY)

"Since I started guitar lessons, my playing has improved a lot. John is a friendly, patient and highly skilled teacher that is teaching me how to master the guitar playing of the music and songs I listen to. 100% reliable and recommended. " - Mario P. (Queens NY)

"I am so happy to have experienced John as my guitar teacher. He has taught me a lot and I am more motivated than ever to excel with my guitar playing. He is definitely very talented teacher besides a good person to talk to and deal with. I recommend anybody to try out lessons with him and you will see what I am talking about. You will be very happy. He is also very reasonable compared to some of the guitar teachers I had before him. " - Jackie R (New York, NY)

"I definitely have learned a lot since I started guitar lessons with John… he’s one of the most patient music teachers I ever had…and he cares about his students’ progress. During the week I cannot wait for my next lesson. " - Brandie F. (Woodhaven, Queens NY) Children's Guitar lessons - Queens NY

"My son started taking guitar lessons from John at age six. He knew nothing about guitar or music. Within six weeks he was reading music, and playing chords and melodies on the guitar. The environment is very safe and comfortable for kids, which was my number one concern. He has a lot of patience and has a very good technique relating to kids, which is very important for a child’s learning experience. I am very happy with him being my son’s guitar teacher. I’d recommend him at any time. " - Marsha (South Ozone Park, Queens NY)

"As an "older" student who has come back to the guitar, I've found John to be a very patient and understanding teacher who can appreciate the fact that lots of us sometimes just don't have the ideal amount of time or energy necessary to devote to practice during the week. In a word, he tailors his lessons to go at your own pace - something which I find extremely supportive and encouraging. He has deep knowledge of virtually all types of music - jazz, blues, folk, rock, metal, etc. - and can help you advance your own playing by incorporating your own favorite stuff with what he's trying to teach you. He creates an atmosphere that is so friendly and accepting that you naturally look forward to the lessons, even if you've had an otherwise bad week! " – Jeff B. (Little Neck, Queens NY)

"John is an amazing guitar player, and a superb guitar teacher. As long as you are a dedicated student, you will learn and progress tons. " - Ra’ees G (New York, NY)

"If you're looking to master the guitar and you want to learn things that would be practical and useful to your style of playing, John is definitely the best teacher for that. His teaching method is straight forward and easy to understand. " - Josh S. (Queens NY)

"It was in early 2009 that I first contacted John. I found him while searching for a Guitar instructor for my son; I e-mailed him inquiring about his services and prices, he replied in just a couple of hours, very polite and professional. It was a very good first impression. John has been teaching both of my children, 12 year old son and 11 year old daughter, for almost two years now. The children feel very comfortable with him, he is a teacher and a friend to them; he is fun and is always giving them new techniques and ideas to accomplish their learning goals. He is always willing to work his time around to accommodate his trainee's schedules. John is the guitar instructor I wish I had as a kid. Yes, I would recommend John to anyone who wants to learn to play guitar; even more, if I had the time, I would be taking classes with him." – Ramon M (Ozone Park, Queens NY)

"John is great with both experienced and novice players and is great at teaching how to play the guitar as opposed to just learning a song. Definitely seen an improvement in my playing and look forward to each lesson. I recommend him without reservation. " - Manny M. (New York, NY) Children's Guitar lessons - Queens NY

"It's important to find a fun guitar teacher who is patient. John’s lessons are very interesting. My daughter is having so much fun while learning to play the guitar. I highly recommend him to everyone, including young children and all beginners! " - From Mom of Kristine Ngo (8 years old, playing guitar for 3 months) (Ozone Park, Queens NY)

"I am a teacher by profession and I can honestly say that John is a natural. He makes complicated ideas simple to understand and has an easy, relaxed style of teaching. I have previously studied with some of the biggest names in the NYC area and John is simply better than all of them. At some point he will become one of the best known teachers in the city. Take advantage now of his talent and very reasonable rates and start playing and enjoying how quickly you will progress as a guitarist. " - Rob N (Bayside, Queens NY)

"I've been taking lessons with John for a few years now and I have to say he is an excellent instructor. To say John is a talented musician would be an understatement. I'm very grateful that I managed to find such a talented instructor so close-by in Queens. In the time I've spent with John as a student, he has demonstrated a deep understanding of everything he teaches. His 101 lessons are much better than any kind of "store front" commercial classes you'll find. I strongly recommend him to anyone who plays guitar/bass or wants to learn. " – Ryan M (Howard Beach, Queens NY)

"Great guitar lessons, affordable, John is a great player of all kinds of music. It is a lot of fun and not boring like school. " - Rob M (Queens NY)

"If you are looking for an amazing guitar teacher, look no further! John is your man. John has all the qualities I was hoping for when I was looking for a guitar instructor for my 8 year old son. He is extremely patient, knowledgeable, flexible and professional, and his rates are very reasonable. His lessons are very personalized taking into consideration my son's abilities and progress. And best of all, for any concerned parents, his studio is a very clean, safe and friendly environment. I would highly recommend to anyone seeking guitar instruction, young or old!" - Ann Marie R (Ozone Park, Queens NY)

"I love all my lessons with John, he is knowledgeable and very talented. I am always looking forward for my next lesson. " – Annie R (Rego Park, Queens NY) Private Guitar lessons - Queens NY

"Ever since the first day of lessons, John has been a great teacher and friend. He loves to share his knowledge and experiences he had with techniques, brands, and composing. The thought of having to go learn music theory used to make me cringe until I met John. He makes things so much easier to understand. He is always full of energy and always encouraging me to plow through the hard parts of songs and scale exercises. Along with playing guitar, he helped me write drum beats and bass lines to my ideas. I have been taking lessons with him for a couple of years now and he has been very flexible with class schedules. Whenever I am planning to buy some new gear, I always love to consult with him about my decisions and get advice. He never steered me wrong. Strongly suggest him to everyone who plays guitar or wants to! " - James K (Ozone Park, Queens NY)

"My son started guitar with John at six years old and we had our doubts that he would be interested for more than one lesson. We were wrong, he looks forward to getting to John's studio every Wed's night after a long day of school for his weekly lesson. John always takes the time to make sure guitar fundamentals get both understood and played successfully before he will move on to the next skill (which surprising doesn't take long for him to get through to my son). You would expect any service that charges by the hour to just milk the time card but I can assure you that is not the case. He progresses Aidan along at a nice pace, presenting him with challenges that he has mostly met so far. This is probably one of the best opportunities that I have given to my son, as I have seen him grow more confidence in everything he takes on. Learning an instrument could have been a total disaster if he gave up after a week. We are grateful that we found John and He earned our praise for not only being a great teacher/music mentor, but most importantly in our opinion enabling Aidan's belief that he can learn truly complicated skills through listening, practicing, not giving up and believing in himself." – Andy L (Jackson Heights, Queens NY)

"With my son we started to learn playing guitar with John, 4 months ago. And we share great time with this new passion. We look forward to it every week. John is a master. He's a great, easy going teacher, very patient and friendly, who makes learning fun and who customizes lessons to what you want to learn, instead of the other way around. " - Xavier A. and son Max (Far Rockaway, Queens NY)

"I have been a student of John's for the last few months. I began as a complete novice and in a short period of time, I was able to move around the fret board fairly comfortably. He's a very knowledgeable, patient and dedicated instructor. He spends time simplifying pretty complicated stuff and ensures that you are comfortable with each lesson. He's very versed in the guitar and it shows in the way he teaches. He trains you in the type of music that you like, which is something I appreciate very much. I highly recommend him as a guitar teacher. " - Danny B (South Ozone Park, Queens NY)

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